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Viking Code

is a group of well-gelled teams specialized in web, mobile and desktop application development, CMS, ERP, and CRM integrations and API development. We build Web3, machine learning, and AI solutions. We provide world-class Agile Management and QA services that are second to none.


Application Development
Bespoke web and desktop application development and design services.
System Integration
Devops, CMS, ERP, CRM integrations, API, and backend programming.
Machine Learning & AI
Machine learning and artificial intelligence development.
QA & Management
Agile Project Management and Quality Assurance services.

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Tihomir & Nemanja


Viking Code

case studies

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Viking Code team to deliver digital promotions for The Coca-Cola Company for over 2 years. They have demonstrated repeatedly the commitment to meeting strict timelines and understanding complex company procedures. Tihomir, the CTO, is a resourceful technologist and always brings a high level of digital competence to a project.

Ben Marks

Technical Project Manager

Ben Marks

We are facing a period of significant changes, and the need for digitalisation is inevitable. The previous year was particularly challenging for us, because we are aware that we have to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of users and the rapidly changing market. The biggest benefit we have gained from working with Viking Code is the employees who are now inspired to put these learnings into practice.

Zoran Petrovic

CEO Raiffeisen Bank

Our company may seem like a challenging client, but Viking Code promptly managed to gain our trust by being proactive and consistent. Together with our employees, they launched initiatives that successfully contributed to enhancing agility and improving the processes and interactions within a team responsible for automation testing.

Mirjana Trobok

Delivery Director

Working with Tihomir and his team has been nothing but fantastic! It's not only the time they dedicate to the project they are working on, it's the passion they are willing to bring to the table. Thank you, guys!

Vuk Zivkovic