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Welcome to our world. 

A few words about us, and how we can partner up.

Hi, I'm Nemanja, I'm a founder, independently or in collaboration with fantastic people:

  • one of the largest communities of developers in our country, PHP Srbija (2013);
  • one of the first blogs on the Agile topic, Agilizing (2015);
  • the leading agency for Agile implementation, Growit (2017);
  • eCommerce community in Serbia, ECS (2018);
  • Gravel cycling community, Upside Down (2019).
  • and recently, together with Tihomir, I have started Viking Code (2022).

I've been wearing a few different hats for the past ten years. Some recognize me as a pioneer of various successful IT communities; Others as an expert in setting up new business processes, primarily in the domain of agile methodology; Others see me as the organizer of the largest programming conferences in this region; While others identify me as an extreme cyclist who races along the gravel paths of our beautiful mountains.

One thing all hats have in common is that I always try to finish whatever I start. Of course, I don't succeed every time, but one thing is for sure, I will give 101% of myself and try to be the best I can at the given moment.

I firmly believe in a humane approach to work. I believe that the time of "bossing" and "ordering" has passed and that the time of charismatic leaders, and inspiring people and teams so that everyone can reach their full potential, has come, rather than the time of micromanagement.

Viking Code

Tihomir and I recognized all these values and the way of working that I am talking about, that was one of the reasons we started the Viking Code. We want to provide fantastic cooperation and partnership in our work with our clients. We have assembled a team of incredible professionals who are ready to give the last atom of strength for the success of the project.


Are you interested in some kind of cooperation? Have a great idea and want to hear our opinion or get advice? Do you have a specific question or concern, or do you think we can somehow contribute to your work? These are the topics we feel we can talk about the most and provide the biggest value:

  • Application Development
    • Fast performing websites
    • Robust web and desktop applications
    • Mobile application development
    • E-commerce
  • System Integration
    • API Development and Integration
    • Custom API development
    • System & API Integration
  • Machine Learning & AI
    • Data and Business Analysis
    • Machine Learning
    • AI Development Services
  • Agile Management
    • Agile Assessment
    • Agile Trainings
    • Agile Implementation
    • Agile Roles staffing 
  • Quality Assurance
    • Requirement gathering
    • Test design
    • Test execution
    • Test reports

Nemanja Cedomirovic, CEO


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Let us know what kind of IT professional you require and we would be happy to augment your team with a matching expert as soon as possible!

Tihomir & Nemanja


Viking Code