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Windows of Freedom. Angular JS-based web app built to support Coca-Cola’s effort to promote their Nestea brand.

Discovery and Planning

Coca Cola’s brand Nestea wanted to promote a new product: an online game where users could enter the bottle codes to either win prizes or help their friends get some extra points.

The process started by working out the game mechanics and design and discussing how to deliver the best game experience available via a browser on both mobile and desktop devices.

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Specifications and Requirements

In addition to the challenge of working on our first browser game, we also expected thousands of users to access the game in a small timeframe after the promotion so system stability, scalability, and optimization were the key. Moreover, we had to meet strict security rules before we were allowed to connect to the code processing system used by The Coca-Cola Company.

Creative Process

We worked with a game design company to balance between feature requests and graphics complexity on one end and user experience and site speed on the other end. This led to many in the end we were able to wrap up a product which was satisfying to everyone.

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By choosing Angular as the platform for our responsive game, we were able to deliver a fluid native-like experience to our players. The game was developed for three markets and was available in four languages which presented an additional challenge. On the backend, we used Laravel to power the API and our Content Management System. A very important aspect of the game was to generate detailed daily statistics, keep track of the scoreboard, prizes and winners for each market.


The end-result was a remarkable and visually appealing game which attracted thousands of player in Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. The game was such a success that the client actually had to add more prizes to the system a couple of times since all of the prizes were snatched very early in the first weeks of the game.

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