Case study

Raiffeisen Bank

Increasing sales and employee satisfaction of the local subsidiaries of an international banking group.

Discovery and Planning

Details: Serbian subsidiary of an international banking group, present in more than 13 markets, wanted to implement Agile Methodology in Branch Offices across the whole country.

Problem: Employees that are in contact with clients are overwhelmed with operative work and not having time for customer care and
creative work.

Main goals:
• Increase in customer satisfaction with bank services
• Empowerment and independence of employees in Branch Offices

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Our approach

Defining a tailor-made Way of Work – we adjusted the process of Scrum Framework so it would give the best results for this specific case;

Implementing and coaching new roles that did not exist in the Bank:
  • Educating and coaching leadership roles in developing skills necessary for empowerment, coaching, and education of team members, so they can become more independent.
  • Coaching team members in becoming more independent and cross-functional, I.e., capable of covering all the activities that needed to be done in the Branch Office.

Way of Work


  • Interviews with people on different positions and from different regions in Serbia
  • Shadowing Branch Offices in its daily work 
  • Collection of data via surveys of Branch Offices, done with the team members and their leaders 

Based on the Assessment information, we defined four main recommendations:

  • New WoW that helped team become more self-organized in operational work 
  • New responsibilities for leaders
  • New process for setting goals that was supported and connected with company goals
  • New system for solving blockers that teams used to face, when delivering high quality service to the customers 
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Based on the knowledge gap we identified in the assessment phase, we have organized the following training courses:

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Scrum Master training
  • Feedback training
  • Facilitation & Visualization training
  • Coaching & Mentoring training


  • Sales productivity/employees - 21% Increased
  • Employee satisfaction - 43% points Increased
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